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Areas to Support

Your gifts, both large and small, will help us to achieve our mission of promoting better law enforcement to the citizens of Indiana and gaining statewide support for Indiana Troopers. 

We invite you to scroll below to see our areas of support. 

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  • Cops For Kids of Indiana
    Cops For Kids of Indiana

    In an effort to make a positive impact on crime prevention in Indiana, the ISPA Board of Directors realized the need for an organization to build relationships between police officers and children. From this need to bring troopers together with kids in their districts, Cops for Kids of Indiana, Inc. was incorporated in 1991.

    Cops for Kids has been instrumental in supporting hundreds of youth programs in all 92 counties in Indiana - building strong relationships between our kids and those officers sworn to serve and protect them. Through Cops for Kids, children, from toddlers to teens, witness first hand that their Indiana State Police troopers are stellar members of the community who are committed to serving at all levels.

  • Friends of ISPA
    Friends of ISPA

    In 2018, the Indiana State Police Alliance created the Friends of ISPA program. Friends of ISPA is designed as a means for community members to support programs that benefit Indiana Troopers.

    What is it? A yearly contribution of $19.74 (the Alliance was founded in 1974) that supports the general operations of ISPA. 100% of your donation helps fund programs to support Troopers.

    What do you get? The official program decal, access to the quarterly newsletter, and real-time updates and info on ISPA.

  • Benevolence Fund
    Benevolence Fund

    The Indiana State Police Benevolence Fund was created to help our active and retired members during times of need. When a member demonstrates a need with necessities of life, the assistance from the Benevolence fund will be in the form of a monetary gift.

    Outside of providing emergency assistance to our members, the Benevolence Fund also provides financial assistance to our members' families during line-of-duty or non-line-of-duty deaths, or when a member’s spouse or child passes away. Likewise, as a member agency of the National Troopers Coalition, the Benevolence Fund supports line-of-duty deaths to other state police agencies across the country.

  • Patrick Flag Fund
    Patrick Flag Fund

    The Trooper Patrick Flag Fund was established to honor the supreme sacrifice of Indiana State Trooper Scott Patrick.
    Trooper Patrick was killed in the line of duty on December 22, 2003. Trooper Patrick was dispatched on a common motorist assist run. This time the individual in need was a criminal intent on doing harm. Following a short struggle, Trooper Patrick was shot once above his bulletproof vest. He was able to return fire and radio for assistance, but he died shortly after. Trooper Patrick and his wife were expecting their first child. Six months after Scott's death his son was born. Isaac Scott Patrick bears the initials ISP in honor of his father's love and dedication to the Indiana State Police.

    Like many law enforcement officers, Scott had a great appreciation and love for the American flag. For Scott, the flag was much more than a cotton banner to be displayed on holidays. Scott viewed the waving stars and stripes as a symbol of what our country stands for. Scott chose a career in law enforcement to do his part to protect the freedoms symbolized by the flag. The Trooper Patrick Flag Fund is a living legacy to the sacrifice that Scott made in service to the State of Indiana.
    After Scott's death our family looked for a way to honor his sacrifice. Scott held dear in his heart what the flag represented and revered those who have fought abroad and at home to ensure its survival. Scott insisted on always displaying an American flag in his commission.

    We chose to honor Scott's selfless sacrifice by honoring the commitment and sacrifice of other law enforcement officers in Indiana. After Scott's death, many people came together to provide a final tribute to a hero. During the months and years following Scott's death we learned more about the people who organized the tribute and what they contributed. As the years passed we realized there was a gap that needed to be filled. When a veteran passes away one of the ways they are honored for their service is by an interment flag, also known as a burial flag. No such program exists for law enforcement officers. We decided it was time to change that. The Trooper Patrick Flag Fund provides burial flags for all law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty in Indiana, burial flags for retired Indiana State Troopers, and ceremonial flags for events that honor fallen law enforcement officers in Indiana.

  • The Andrew P. Winzenread Scholarship Fund was established by Cyndi Winzenread, wife of Trooper Andy Winzenread, and Roy Tabor of Tabor Law Firm. Subsequent to the tragic line-of-duty death of her husband, Cyndi Winzenread established the Andrew P. Winzenread Scholarship Fund through financial contributions by both Cyndi and Roy. The purpose of the fund is to encourage academic excellence and to award college scholarships to graduating high school seniors of Indiana State Police Officer's children.

    The Winzenread Scholarship Fund is available to all high school seniors who are children of Indiana State Police Officers and who intend to pursue post-secondary education.

    To apply, click the image above to view the google form. The application deadline is February 29, 2024.

  • Dudley Fund
    Dudley Fund

    The Gary Dudley Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc. was established by Carolyn Dudley, wife of Gary Dudley, and Roy Tabor of Tabor Law Firm. Subsequent to the tragic death of her husband, Carolyn Dudley established the Gary Dudley Memorial Scholarship Fund. The purpose of the fund is to assist the legal children of Indiana law enforcement officers who have fallen in the line-of-duty by awarding scholarships to attend college and other post-secondary educational institutions.
    The Gary Dudley Memorial Scholarship Fund is available to any legal (biological or legally adopted) child of any Indiana law enforcement officer who died in the line-of-duty. The scholarships are granted for each year for the qualified post-secondary educational expenses, including tuition, books, and room and board, as determined by the appropriate representatives of the educational institution. Potential recipients may apply a maximum of four (4) times or for eight (8) semesters whether or not the semesters are consecutive semesters. The scholarships are available for all post-secondary fields of study including college, trade school, or advanced degree programs.
    Click here to obtain more information and an application.

  • PE 1395 Fund
    PE 1395 Fund

    This fund was established by former Indiana State Police Trooper Joe Waggoner (PE #1395). This fund was created to provide an additional line-of-duty death benefit than what is provided by the ISPA.
    Joe was a trooper in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, and he left the Indiana State Police to pursue a career with the FBI. At the time of Joe's retirement from the FBI, he lived in California where he still resides today.
    While the Indiana State Police gave Joe his start in the field of law enforcement, he wanted to give back to the department that he still loves. Joe stated, "I still bleed Indiana State Police blue." Joe contacted the ISPA with the idea of starting a death benefit fund for those killed in the line-of-duty. One of Joe's requests was that this benefit be available to ALL Indiana State Police troopers, and not just ISPA members. The ISPA has honored this request.
    Thanks to Joe Waggoner. The support shown by Joe for those men and women who put their lives on the line every day is truly incredible. The ISPA is proud and honored to call Joe Waggoner one of "INDIANA'S FINEST."

  • Trooper Azariah Keith Fund
    Trooper Azariah Keith Fund

    100% of proceeds will be directed to the Keith family.