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Why Become A Member

Why should I join the Indiana State Police Alliance? Greater membership means more credibility. When the Indiana State Police Alliance speaks for you, improving communications with the membership, everyone contributing their individual ideas and concerns, it permits the Indiana State Police Alliance to accomplish more for the group. We welcome your ideas and constructive criticism. Stay in touch: 317-636-0929.


Since the Indiana State Police Alliance is an organization that people voluntarily belong to, and give their money to, it is worth revisiting the benefits that come with membership every so often.  The Alliance operates around five core principles (that will be detailed below): our non-profit Foundation, participating in legislative affairs, the legal representation afforded to members, the ability to work NDE via Alliance Security, and serving as a liaison to the department.

The Foundation, the true non-profit, benevolent arm of Alliance operations is the core.  The Benevolence Fund provides financial gifts when our members face needs-of-life crises.  The Benevolence Fund also pays our self-funded line-of-duty death (LODD) benefit of $50,000 (along with an additional benefit from a separate fund called the PE1395 Fund).  We offer a non-LODD benefit and a spousal and dependent death benefit too should that crisis arise.

The Foundation also houses our Cops For Kids granting program.  If a member has a child participating in a community-based program, sports or otherwise, that member can apply for a grant to help sponsor that program.  There is a tuition reimbursement program available for the member, their spouse, or their dependent children to take advantage of to help with secondary education.  Likewise, there is the Winzenread scholarship available to outgoing high school seniors to help with their college costs too.

The legal representation members can utilize comes in three forms.  The team at Ruckelshaus, Kautzman, and Blackwell help members who are targets of an internal investigation or if they are involved in a law enforcement critical incident.  If a member is injured at work, the member can take advantage of a free consultation with the Tabor Law Firm so they can make the most informed decisions possible.

In the broad scope of legislative affairs, the Alliance’s efforts are multi-faceted.  Within Indiana, the Alliance contracts with former Senator Carlin Yoder, owner of Cardinal Consulting, who helps the Alliance build relationships and lobby within Indiana’s General Assembly to advance benefits and pay for the membership.  Nationally, the Alliance is a part of the National Troopers Coalition (NTC), an organization representing over 42,000 state troopers across the country, to not only discuss and work on labor issues, but leverage the Washington D.C. lobbying firm of Winning Strategies Washington to help lobby for law enforcement issues nationally.

Alliance Security, Inc. was created as a way to easily allow our members the opportunity to work off-duty, security-related employment.  The Alliance has a good working relationship with the department and can quickly approve new clients.  Alliance Security will surpass $3 million in business this year, with 85% of that getting paid to troopers as wages.

Finally, the Alliance has the ability to liaise directly with the department’s staff and the Superintendent.  The Superintendent gets to direct the workforce, but through our board of directors, the local district representatives, the Alliance has the ability to take issues or suggestions directly to the staff.

Membership comes with benefits, but if for nothing else the dues go to directly help other troopers, Capitol Police officers, and Motor Carrier Inspectors.