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ISPA Bass Fishing Tournament

Thursday, June 13, 2024
6:00 am EDT1:00 pm EDT
Geist Reservoir
Fishers, IN 46037

The 2024 ISPA Bass Fishing Tournament

1. TRUTH VERIFICATION TEST. Cheating will not be tolerated. Deceiving tournament officials or doing any act in order to obtain an unfair advantage will lead to
disqualification. By signing the entry, contestants agree to submit to a truth verification test (polygraph or voice stress test). At the conclusion of each tournament a
truth verification test may be administered to one or two teams placing in the top ten positions or winning the Big Bass award. Should a team placing in the top ten
or catching Big Bass leave the tournament site making themselves unavailable if asked to take the truth verification test, their catch may be disqualified. Lastly,
tournament director reserves the right to request any contestant to submit to a truth verification test within seven days of the conclusion of the tournament. Failure
to submit to a test when requested or failure of the same shall result in disqualification and banishment from further tournaments.
2. REGISTRATION. There will be a short mandatory meeting approximately 15 minutes prior to take off. Entries and fees must be received no later than JUNE 7,
2024. Starting positions will be determined by date received.


3. PARTICIPANTS. Tournament is open to active and retired Indiana State Police employees (enforcement and/or civilian). In addition, active and retired sworn
Indiana Law Enforcement Officers may also participate *ANGLERS MAY NOT FISH ALONE*
4. BOATS AND MOTORS. All boats must be equipped with a lanyard type kill switch. Boat must be at least 15 feet in length. Trolling as a method of catching fish is
prohibited. Stick steering is considered dangerous and shall not be permitted. Jet motors and tiller steering is allowed. Every boat must have an aerated livewell large
enough to maintain a live limit of fish. Altering a boat from factory specifications to gain length or height is not permitted.
5. HORSEPOWER REGULATIONS. Your motor must not exceed the manufacturers or Coast Guard horsepower rating for your boat. Jet drives are allowed; however,
motor power head rating must still comply. Any questions please contact tournament director.
6. TACKLE AND EQUIPMENT. Only artificial lures may be used. No live or prepared bait will be permitted with the exception of pork strips or rinds, etc. Only one rod
and reel may be used at any one time, however, several may be rigged and ready for use. Rods shall not be more than 8 feet in length.
7. SAFETY. Safe boating conduct should be observed at all times. Competitors must have a US Coast Guard approved P.F.D. on and secured any time the gas engine is
running. Violation of this rule shall be reason for disqualification. An operating lanyard type kill switch must be attached to boat and operator when gas engine is in
operation. Boat operator must test kill switch prior to each tournament.
8. PERMITTED FISHING LOCATIONS. Fishing on tournament waters is permitted anywhere except areas designated by state or federal officials or any other water
determined by the tournament officials. ALL ANGLING MUST BE DONE FROM THE BOAT. Anglers shall not leave the boat to land a fish or gain access to fishing
waters. Anglers must be in contact with the boat at all times except in case of emergency or brief excursions in "nature calling".
9. PENALTIES. Only largemouth, smallmouth, or spotted bass will be weighted. At no time shall a team have more than a limit of five (5) fish in their livewells. Doing
so is grounds for disqualification. The length for fish shall be 14 inches or otherwise regulated by the state. Fish will be measured with mouth closed on a "Golden
Rule”. As solely determined by tournament official, short fish will be culled from your sack and your largest fish will also be culled from the remaining fish. For each
dead fish a ½ pound penalty will be deducted from your total weight. A dead fish will not be weighed-in as big fish. Tournament director will make final decision if
fish is dead or not. Fish that appears altered or mangled shall be the tournament director’s decision to weigh or not to weigh the fish. A team who arrives at the
official check-point area after prescribed check-in time will be penalized at the rate of one pound per minute. After 10 minutes all weight shall be lost for that day.
Late penalties do apply to any "Big Bass" weights. At no time shall a bass be stringed and doing so will lead to disqualification.
10. RULINGS. The tournament officials shall reserve all rights for rule interpretations and to refuse an entry. Furthermore, tournament officials have the authority
to announce or present any rule revisions (printed or not) as deemed appropriate. Violating tournament rules may be reason for disqualification.
11. SPORTSMANSHIP. Competitors are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation. Alcohol and abused drugs are not
permitted in a boat during tournament hours. Fish must be caught in a sporting manner, therefore, snagging fish is not permitted.
12. TIES. All monies will be totaled and split equally.
13. PROTEST. Protest against another competitor must be in writing, signed and in the hands of tournament director within 15 minutes after scales are closed.
14. REFUNDS. Entry refunds will be issued up until June 1, 2024. Partial refunds of $50.00 will be issued between June 1, 2024,
and June 7, 2024. No refunds will be issued after June 7, 2024, for the tournament. There is a $20 bank charge for returned checks.
15. INSURANCE. Adequate liability insurance is required of all contestants using their boats in the tournament.